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LTC6 has worked with thousands of educators and more than a hundred schools all over the state.  
Here are just a few of the topics we can bring to your school.

ipads in the Classroom

Touch the Future - iPads in the Early Childhood Classroom

They gave me this device....
now what do I do with it?

Teachers and Administrators have taken on the charge of supporting 21st century learners, and are arming themselves, and their students, with portable technology devices. Now what do we do with it? Transforming your classroom to accommodate new technology can be an overwhelming process. Come find out how some techniques and tools can make learning with technology enjoyable.

Cooperation AND Collaboration

We ask our students to work with us, stay with us, learn with us. Every year it gets more difficult to hold their attention and involvement. When you have to compete with today’s media and technology, what’s an educator to do? Embrace what’s available in the world and use it to your advantage. Don’t just settle for cooperation, foster collaboration too.

Communicating in a 21st Century Environment

Texting, tweeting, blogs, wikis, facebook, foresquare and ning. Your students are using them - are you?

Creating Opportunities for Authentic Learning

What is all the buzz? How are all the models you hear at trainings different? We will be having discussion on real world learning, student products, community connections, inquiry based learning, project based learing and all the ‘terms’ that work together to provide authentic learning experiences.

Empowering Learning with Google Apps for Education

The Google Apps for Education suite contains elements that allow students to collaborate, engage and transform learning into real world practice. It's ease of use and ability to offer resources for many content areas and learning levels allows educators to do more, reach more & teach more. From email and document sharing to analytics and 3D rendering, google apps for ed has something for everyone.

Chromebooks in the Classroom

Chromebooks are laptops designed specifically to connect students and staff with powerful online educational tools. Chromebooks provide flexibility and hands on training at reduced overall costs. Built in access to Google Apps for Education make it a very powerful learning tool for schools who want to embrace the educational tools that Google has to offer.

Migrating to Google Apps for Education

Google Apps integrates with your school's network management (AD/LDAP), provides multiple levels of user and device management. This workshop deals with all aspects of the migration process and tools, including GADS, GAMME, GAPS, bulk user import, organization and sub organization management. 

LTC6 can also provide as little or as much assistance as your school needs, on a school to school basis, to help you navigate the transition process.

Chromebook Management

Chrome devices streamline the hours that IT administrators spend managing computers. The Chrome operating system seamlessly improves over time and the available web-based management console lets administrators set up and manage users, apps and policies across an entire fleet of Chrome devices, even if the devices are distributed across many classrooms. Deploying Chrome devices in place of traditional computers reduces IT headaches and overall cost by streamlining support, centralizing management, and cutting out all the tedious re-imaging that comes with every school year.(http://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/education/devices/)